The Author

A titred Author

In 1989 I raised my eyes to heaven and felt the zephyrs of poetry but only in 2008, my wings grew and the angels lifted me to the stars. They called my wings with the name The spring of Love.

I started to travel through the worlds of the Universe until I got into the Children’s World. There, children read’s Poems for Angels. All this happened in 2013. After two years, the angels sprayed me with love, and so my first child was born. Therefore, I stood up to the sun and became The Story of a Love Dream.

Raised with poetry petals and nursed with a passion for beauty, this baby grew up and in 2018 became strong enough to receive another name in the homeland of her ancestors. Dreaming about Love has three surnames: The first is The Beginning, the second one is The Coming of the Angels, and the third was named The Return to the Light

Once I promised to be my flight companion. Now, I hope to visit as many worlds as possible.

Baicu Sorin Robert